Rural Tourism on La Palma, Canary Island
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Enjoy the environment!
Take a deep breath, listen carefullyand keep your eyes open!

The most impressing thing any visiter of La Palma enjoys, is the stark difference between the dry south and the dampness in the Northeast.
Thanks to the abundant water small agriculturers are able to survive on the more and more competitive market. Have a good look at our rch pastures and fields; we harvest potatoes theree tiemes a year, throughout the year we eat vegetables grown on our own fields or gardens, an we do not grow them only for ourslves, but also for you, because our vegetables and fruit are imported to all over the world. We never have to by feruit either: first of all there are the bannanas, an Canarian bananas are really something special! Oranges are only scare during the summer months, but during these months we enjoy our peaches, papaya, plums, later there are grapes (web give special mentioning to the increasing importance of Canarian wines on the international market), pears, the first apples ... the menue is endless.

- Hiking:
Trecking or just Walking
Since the first cars came fairly late to La Palma, and people had to make therir life in the woods, they went with their dunkeys or mules opening small paths all over the island, which they took millons of times, carrying or dragging down to the village the green they cut from the trees that would feed therir livestock, goats, cows and rabits, or enourmous trees to build houses or to convert into charcoal.
Very close to our house there is the Cubo de La Galga. This forrest has been declared reservat of the biosphere by the UNESCO, and you shouldn't miss it. There are no words to descirbe its beauty. Just look at the photos.
We also recommend the following places: Los Tilos, Marcos y Corderos, the volcano rute, and of course La Palma.

- National Park: La Caldera de Taburiente.

- Flora y Fauna: Be sure to see plants and animals you have never seen before!

- Bananas: Bananas are the way most of the small agricultures of La Palma make their living. Each look after his plants, he waters and fertilizes them, he has to cut off the sprouts that are undesired, and when the cluster of young bananas appears, he has to prop them and cleann every single banana, some time later he pulls a plastic bag over the cluster and a few months later they will be cut and brought to an intermediary who sells them. Do you know wether they grow up or downwards? If you are interested in knowing more about the cultivation of bananas on the Canary Island, we invite you on a guided tour.

- Mountain-bike: Where ever you can go hiking, you can parctice with you mountain-bike.

- Trekking: Natour Trekking

- Sun and Beach: Of course, there are also beaches. Do you prefer to stay away from the crowds? Then we recommend the beach Nogales, situated in the bajamar of Puntallana, but please be careful when you swim there! Do you prefer having more company? Los Cancajos, Charco Azul, Puerto Naos, El Remo, and huge number of small beaches and bays all oer the island.


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