Rural Tourism on La Palma, Canary Island
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The house was built in 1873 for our great-grandaunt Cha Miquela. It was one of theree houses built by the Ibarria brother and sisters on the Lomo Llano, one of the four ridges of La Galga, the so called "Lomos".

Today we could say that the place where they built their house is not a perfect spot, since the way to today's center of La Galga is quite far. But in those days things were diferent, because the houses are right next to the water conduit, through wich still today the water from the springs of the Cubo de La Galga flow down to the village.

Aart form the comfort of having water next to your house and not having to go miles and miles the closest spring or well, this water was also uset to water the productive fields, on which then wheat, potatoes and all kinds of vegetabels were cultivated.

Of these theree houses ours belonged to Miquela, the one further down to our great-grandfather Rosendo and the upper one to their sister Nieves. Before we started the adventure of renovation, all theree had been uninhabited, so nature had taken over.

Our first paying guests we had in July 2000.



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