Rural Tourism on La Palma, Canary Island
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Increible Location

The house Cha Miquela is in La Galga, a small but important aglomeration of houses, part of the village Puntallana, in the East of La Palma. Ig is situated on the border of the reservat of the biosphere "Cubo de La Galga". The house is surrounded by fields and pastures, some of which are prepared for growing begetables, other abandoned to nature.

How to get to the house:
We recommend that you rent a car when you come to La Palma, because the Bus-service outside the city isn't very good and a bus can not take you to all the beautiful places that are on La Palma.
Nevertheless you can reach our house by bus or taxi. you can either oder the car the same time you book your flight ticket or the ticket for the ferry, or you can leave it to us. The car, its keys and papers will be handed over to you the moment you get here, at the harbour or the airport.


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Getting from The port of Santa Cruz de La Palma to Cha Miquela:

Getting from La Palma airport to Cha Miquela


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